A downloadable creation for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for Ludum dare 37!

This is a puzzle game that it' s all about rotating and moving a room... Move the room, and the ball(Player) will fall due to the gravity. The ball has to collect all the blue-yellow cubes, to complete a level. Avoid the red-yellow cubes(enemies)! They exist 5 levels, and a very difficult test level(tutorial).
...I know, the description doesn't make sense... Try downloading the game, and playing it on high settings, for good "transparency rendering"(When you rotate the room too much it will render transparent walls for easier naviga.ti..o... just try it, I can't explain it!)


  1. Unity
  2. Blender
  3. MagicaVoxel
  4. Ubuntu


  • This is my first unity game, and my first Ludum dare submission, so it sucks, expect it.
  • Try playing it on ultra settings, it's well optimized, and it' s a game changer.
  • If you want to enter free cam mode, press esc and read the description.
  • Take your time playing the game, feel free to press skip level, and remember that the last levels are easier than the first(No scalable difficulty).

The one asset that I haven't created, is the sound track. That's why I have removed the Audio judging(Ludum dare). Note that I am not a "graphics designer", neither a "programmer", it if my first try to create a game. The music is the only cool thing about the game, but it is an cc0 asset.

Have fun!


RotateTheRoom(win64).zip (37 MB)
RotateTheRoom(win32).zip (35 MB)
RotateTheRoom(macOs).zip (50 MB)
RotateTheRoom(linux).zip (51 MB)